• Less tensioning force. Allows restoration of several teeth in the same quadrant at the same time.
  • Good anatomical shape. Does not interfere with light curing.
  • Minimum finishing work required. Saves time.

Simplifying the demands of large posterior restorations, the SuperMatsystem includes ringed SuperCap matrices in clear plastic and stainless steel, along with a SuperLock tensioning instrument securing a perfect interproximal contact. After tightening, the tensioning instrument is removed from the mouth for ease in filling several teeth in the same quadrant.

The SuperMat System is a universal tensioning system for posterior teeth consisting of contoured (soft) steel and clear plastic matrices pre-fitted to SuperCap tensioning spools. The full assortment of band heights and diameters has been statistically calculated to cover most teeth and cavity shapes and can be adapted to every situation. The reduced matrix tension of SuperCap spools allows ideal reconstruction of contacts. Marginal closure is achieved by wedging. The matrices are designed for single use; the tensioning instrument is fully autoclavable.

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